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SPBTDC Direct Mail Services.

Direct Postal Mail is the most effective way to introduce your company to all the potential partners within a short time. As an opposite to electronic mail, Direct Mail can cover literally all companies and organizations and provide you the deepest possible access to the target market sector. It is most useful if you wish to introduce your products to the market - and also it can work well if you want to source products in Russia.

While the number of the Russian companies who are active in specific fields may range from several thousands to tens of thousands - even 1 percent of responses from the most interested ones is fairly enough to discover new trade opportunities. Reaction of the market will depend on the nature of your business - while our statistics indicate that every rouble spent for such direct mail start-up introduction can bring 20 to 10000 roubles from sales.

Usually, direct-mail campaign takes around up to 2 months for all the letters to reach adressees, and period of around 1 year when replies keep coming. Also, there is one psychological tip which is common for all the countries, including Russia : if, after some time, the direct-mail campaign is repeated once more - number of responses grows 3-5 times - because another letter wakes up those people who wished to respond , but were too busy at the moment. For example, imported products that can generate a high response rate in Russia are those of constant demand on the Russian market - and those that are widely reselled via distribution networks.

These can be :

  • Metal-cutting instruments, abrasives, etc.
  • Construction equipment and technologies
  • Industrial equipment (machine tools, industrial electronics, equipment for processing wood , etc.)
  • Raw materials, fuel, metals, paper production, textile production
  • Food-processing equipment
  • Foodstuffs - all kinds
  • All kinds of transportation vehicles
  • Spare parts for cars , car-care chemicals
  • Electrical engineering equipment and appliances, cables, lamps, etc.
  • Medical equipment and medicine
  • Construction materials for households , furniture , glass ,etc.
  • Consumer goods, household equipment, consumer electronics, perfumes, household chemicals
  • Small metal fixtures, screws, nuts, bolts, nails, locks, etc.
  • Plastics, pipes, packaging, etc.
  • Hangars, fast-erected industrial buildings etc.
  • High-quality luxury items
So if your feel that your products can be succesful in Russia - direct mail is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools to introduce your company to a great number of potential partners. Below, you can find approximate numbers of accessible business companies and organizations in Russia, by market sector:

Direct Mail: target groups in Russia
Market Sector Companies
Agriculture 24500
Banking and financial organizations 8200
Chemical industry, production of metals 3100
Commercial companies 35500
Construction 24000
Construction materials 1700
Culture, sport organizations, TV,radio 9000
Department stores 32000
Electronic equipment 2000
Energy , fuel, electricity 4500
Food industry and trade 9200
Housing,communal services 6800
Industry (diverse) 4000
Light industry 2400
Machine-building industry 6100
Medicine 10600
Mining industry 2400
Paper and printing industry, books 10000
Science, research and development 3500
Transportation 9000
Wholesale trade, warehouses, etc. 14900
Wood, wood processing industry 4700

Terms and Pricing:

  • First of all, we will need the text of your commercial offer (standard is one A4 page). We will translate or annotate your offer in Russian, if necessary, we can add some introductory information from our side. Each letter also will contain the original text of your offer. Then, we will print all the letters and send them to the companies by postal mail.

  • If you already have the addresses of the companies, price of the single postal mailing is 1 EUR (300 letters is minimal order) In this case, you should provide us your own list of the companies for mailing.

  • If you do not have such company list - we can prepare it for you, according to your requirements and market sector of your interest - and tell you the number of the potential addressees in the target group. In this case, each letter will cost you 2 EUR.

  • Knowing the number of companies in the list (for example - 3500), you decide the number of companies you would like to send the mail to - (for example - 300, 500, 1000, 3500, etc ) - and we agree about the final number of the mailings. Upon deciding the number of Direct Mail letters, you transfer necessary funds to us - and we proceed with the direct mailing for you.

    After the mailing is completed, we send you a full list of the companies whom we sent it for your reference. Where possible, we will provide their fax/phone numbers, so you will be able to contact them concerning your previous postal mail.

    In all the cases, Direct Mail will save you a big lot in communications costs and worktime. It will also reduce all the possible language / psychological barriers because we will annotate your offer to Russian and, in our short introductory note, we will do our best to encourage Russian companies to contact you.

    So, if you would like to introduce your company and products to the Russian companies via Direct Mail- just send us request for Direct Mail Services, describing the nature of your offer, market sectors of your interest and approximate number of the companies whom you would like to contact during this promotional campaign.

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