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    St.Petersburg Trade Development Centre : Projects.

    SPBTDC participates in wide range of international, national and local programmes for business development.

    Major of them are:

  • Development of GTPNet ( Global Trade Point Network)
  • ICTIN Project: Creation of information space between countries of CIS and Baltics in the field of trade development
  • Russian Trade Point Network
  • The Complex Programme for Informatization of NorthWest Russia
  • Projects of Russian Union of Industrialists and Enterpreneurs (RSPP)
  • Russia - European Union cooperation programs
  • BRIC countries economic cooperation
  • St.-Petersburg Programme for Information support for trade development
  • St.Petersburg Programme for Information support for Export development
  • Programme for Information support for external relations of St.Petersburg.
  • BIZKON: Joint St.Petersburg-Finland Business Contacts Centre
  • St.Petersburg Programme for development of Telecommunications and Information
  • Programmes for training
    Development of UN GTPNet ( Global Trade Point Network)
  • United Nations Organization, via its structural division, UNCTAD, United Nations Conference On Trade and Development, is developing a UN Global Trade Point Network (UN GTPNet).
    The main idea of the project is to create a network of interconnected trade information and trade facilitation centres (Trade Points ) which would serve to simplify realization of trade operations on global , international and domestic levels. GTPNet is creating a uniform global system of EDI supporting international trade, using UN EDIFACT strandards for organization of trade transactions. During several years, the centres of GTPNet were created in more than in 100 UN member countries.

    Additional information:

    United Nations Organization (UNO)
    United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
    GTPNet / World Trade Point Federation
    United Nations Economic Comission for Europe (UNECE) UN/EDIFACT

    ICTIN : ITC UNCTAD/WTO project on creation of information space between countries of CIS and Baltics in the field of development of trade

    The ICTIN Project is developed under aegis of International Trade Center (ITC UNCTAD/WTO) in Geneva. The main purpose of the project is development of interaction between the countries of CIS and Baltics in the field of trade and export development. The project is aimed to organization of informational exchange and rendering technical and consulting support to the local enterprises in development of their export potential.

    Additional information: ITC UNCTAD/WTO

    Russian Trade Point Network

    Participation of Russia in GTPNet has several years of history and several levels of interaction. Primary work on coordination between the regions was started by the Russian National Trade Point, located in Moscow and created under the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia and Russian EDIFACT Board.

    Now, as the Russian subnetwork of GTPNet has several new Trade Points established, further work on GTPNet development in Russia is executed by Russian Interregional Association of Trade Points, formed by existing Russian Trade Points .

    Additional information:

    Russian TP Association
    Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

    Complex Programme for Informatization of NorthWest Russia.

    The programme is run by the territorial association - Association of Economic Cooperation of the Territories of Northwest Russia (Associatsiya 'Severo-Zapad', 'North-West Association'), uniting 12 administrative regions of Russia:

    St.Petersburg, Karelia and Komi Republics, Yamalo-Nenetskij Natsionalnyj Okrug, Arhangelskaya, Vologodskaya, Kaliningradskaya, Kirovskaya, Leningradskaya, Murmanskaya, Novgorodskaya and Pskovskaya oblasts.

    NW Russia has population of 17 millions, territory of 1.8 million square kilometers and more than 200 major industrial cities.

    SPBTDC was established under the framework of the Complex Informatization Programme, run by NorthWest Association. Within the programme, SPBTDC is responsible for informational support for enterpreneurship and development of foreign trade relations of the region of NW Russia.

    Additional information:

    NorthWest Association: Associatsiya 'Severo-Zapad'

    National Programme for Information support for small and medium size enterprises

    The support for development of small business in Russia is conducted on the basis of appropriate Federal program. Within the framework of this program, coordination of work On last of mentioned programs is executed by ZAO 'Rossijskie Informacionnye Centry' (Russian Information Centres) , Moscow, created by the decision of the Government of Russian Federation. Within the programme, a network of RIAC' - Regional Information-Analytical Centres was created with representation in all the regions of Russia. The work of SPBTDC is conducted in close interaction with this program.

    In St.-Petersburg, status of RIAC belongs to the St.-Petersburg Foundation for SME Support.

    Additional Information:
    ZAO 'Rossijskie Informacionnye Centry'
    St.-Petersburg Foundation for SME Development

    Projects of Russian Union of Industrialists and Enterpreneurs (RSPP)

    Through partnership with RSPP information structures SPBTDC provides task-oriented support for projects or RSPP targeted to international markets.

    Additional Information:
    Rossiyskij Soyuz Promyshlennikov i Predprinimatelei
    Russian Union of Industrialists and Enterpreneurs

    Russia - European Union cooperation programs

    SPBTDC is active participant and support organization for a number of projects started by Russia and European Union within programmes of cooperation for interregional development, cross-border cooperation, intergation of technical, informational and logistic infrastructure of the neighbouring regions of Russia and EU countries, optimization of trade procedures.

    Additional Information:
    European Union
    European Comission
    The Delegation of the European Union to Russia
    EU-Russia Cooperation Programme

    BRIC countries economic cooperation

    As a regional trade promotion organization, SPBTDC has special focus on supporting development of economic links strengthening BRIC Group multilateral economic cooperation.

    Additional Information:
    First BRIC Group Summit
    Second BRIC Group Summit

    Programme for the Information support for development of Trade in St.-Petersburg

    SPBTDC participates in the programme, which is a local programme of St.Petersburg in interaction with information-analytical Centre of the Committee on consumer market of Administration of St.-Petersburg, running the programme.

    Additional information:

    Information-Analytic Centre of the Committee on consumer market of St.Petersburg Administration.

    Programme for Information support for Export developoment.

    In St.-Petersburg active work on creation of system of support are conducted The industrial enterprises of a city, including in development of their opportunities On export of made production. This work is coordinated by the Committee for Economy and industrial policy of Administration of St.-Petersburg. SPBTDC participates in projects of Committee in part of information maintenance of work in this area.

    Additional information:

    The Committee for Economy and Industrial policy of St.Petersburg Administration.

    Programme for Information support for external relations of St.Petersburg.

    The Committee for External Relations of St.Petersburg Administration runs diversity of projects aimed to expand international cooperation of the city. SPBTDC provides information support to many of these projects.

    Additional information:

    The Committee for External Relations of St.Petersburg Administration
    St.Petersburg Administration

    BIZKON: Joint St.Petersburg-Finland Business Contacts Centre

    BIZKON is one of the most succesful bilateral projects of St.Petersburg aimed to develop cross-border cooperation with neighboring countries. BIZKON was established by joint efforts of St.Petersburg and South Finland regional Administrations. SPBTDC act as an information support partner in the project.

    Additional information:


    Programme for development of Information and telecommunications of St.-Petersburg

    SPBTDC participates in implementation of this programme, run by Department for Telecommunications and Information of Administration of St.-Petersburg.

    Additional information

    Administration of St.-Petersburg: Department for Telecommunications and Information

    Human Resources / training programmes

    SPBTDC runs several training programmes in the fields of international trade. Major trade related training programmes for local businesses and businessmen from outside Russia are dedicated to: international trade practices, local and international marketing, logistics, customs procedures, information technologies, Russian language for foreigners, EDI and EDIFACT.

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