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SPBTDC Services:
What we can do for you.

This is an overview of our most common public services. This is what can we do for you, if you are interested in trade with Russia/CIS and other countries. Just read this text through and check the links to find out how our services can help you in your business development:

  1. FREE Registration
    First of all - we recommend you to register at our site to get access to extended features of our information system. Registration is totally free, and it gives a good chance to introduce your company/organization. Within online registration, you can subscribe to our 'Trade With Russia' mailing list. This service is also free - and it will allow you to receive information from the Russian companies who are looking for partners abroad. Also, you will be able to post commercial offers to SPBTDC trade information system.

  2. FREE Posting commercial offers to SPBTDC information system
    You can send your commercial/cooperation offers to SPBTDC and they will be stored to our trade-leads databases. If anyone of our clients, agents and affiliates will be interested in cooperation with you, they will be able to contact you directly. To post offers to SPBTDC, you should be registered in our information system. If you are interested in wider broadcasting of your information, you can use our commercial FriXpress service. If you are interested to find concrete potential partners and contact them directly, you can use our Market Research and Direct Marketing services - described below.

  3. Market Research services
    We provide detailed market reports about concrete market sectors in Russia. Full reports list all major potential partners for concrete business projects: importers/exporters, distributors, wholesalers and most important retailers in Russian regions, as well as manufacturers and traders who deal with concrete products. Full/customized reports cost 300 EUR per sector and have widest possible market coverage. Depending on market sector, full market report may bring from several hundreds to several thousands of business contacts along with necessary market intelligence information. SME companies can order downscaled versions of standard market reports - 149 EUR for a middle-size report and 49 EUR for a brief version. The difference between standard and customized market reports is that standard reports rely on specific product classificators, such as UN Harmonized System, while customized reports may cover a number of products/product groups of similar nature.

  4. Russian Export-Import Directory
    If you are looking for something particular from/to Russia - and product definition directly corresponds with UN Harmonized System classification, you can use our Russian Export-Import Directory - which is a database of major Russian exporters and importers, organized by Harmonized System codes. Listing of exporters, by 2-Digit HS code costs 100 EUR, while listing of importers costs 200 EUR.

  5. FriXpress - information broadcasting service
    If you want to check the ground in Russia for your business ideas without investing too much time and efforts - you can use our FriXpress service - which will broadcast your commercial offers to the Russian business community. We will annotate your offers in Russian and will introduce your company to potential partners through our information channels. This service will cost you 50 EUR. Optionally, we can provide you a brief market report that will list a number of potential business partners.

  6. Direct-Mail services
    We provide Direct-Mail service, working in conjunction with RusEximDir and Market Research services - or in stand-alone mode. Direct Mail can simplify communication with Russian companies and reduce your communication expenses during start-up stage contacts. We will translate and print your commercial offers and send them by postal mail to the companies of your choice, once you will know their addresses. Price of the single mailing is 1 EUR (if you provide us your own list of addresses) or 2 EUR (if we prepare the address listing on your request). Minimum order is 300 postal mailings.

  7. Direct-Call services
    We also provide Direct-Call services, working in conjunction with our Market Research services - or in customized/stand-alone mode. On your behalf, we can make direct phone calls to the Russian companies, find responsible contact persons and run brief primary negotiations about potential cooperation with your company. Once potential Russian partners will be interested, we will fax them your initial offers and discuss technical details about the best ways for direct contacts with your company. Minimal charge is 10 EUR per company to be contacted, the minimal number of target companies in 30.

  8. Publish your information and catalogues via SPBTDC CD-ROM and paper publications
    We can publish your catalogues in electronic form via our 'External Trade' CD-ROM publications. We can make custom CD's based on your originals and distribute them to your potential partners in Russia via our Direct Mail service. We can translate your materials into Russian language so they will have more marketing effect. It is also possible to prepare Russian versions of your printed materials or create localized Russian version of your Web site. Costs depend mainly on complexity of work, number of target recepients in Russia and other technical factors.

  9. WHOISWHO service
    If you want to have detailed information about your Russian partners or any concrete Russian company before starting business with them, you can request information about the company. Information about the company will be compiled from organizations responsible for information security of enterpreneurship and you will have a detailed business profile of your counterpart. It will help to know background of your partners better and check their reliability before actual deals - and thus eliminate possible business risks. Costs of such company reports depend on complexity of request and start from 250 EUR per company profile.

  10. Consulting services
    If you want to obtain answers to your possible trade- and Russia- related questions - you can use our Consulting services. This solution works best for non-standard business development projects in market sectors that fall beyond standard classifications. Our standard rate is 100 EUR per hour, one hour minimum.

  11. SPBTDC Basic Membership
    If you wish to use all our services in the most effective way - you can become SPBTDC Member. Annual membership package costs 450 EUR and it will greatly reduce you expenses, as opposed to purchase of separate services. Normally, SPBTDC membership package includes:
    • Full market report for the main sector of your interest;
    • Up to four Middle-size market reports for additional sectors;
    • Publication of your profile and initial commercial offer to the Russian business community through our information channels;
    • Consulting support for period of one year.
    This combination of services will give a comprehensive promotion and quick start to your business development in Russia - and will help to achieve practical results in minimal time.

  12. SPBTDC Extended Membership
    For our registered members, we provide full range of necessary 'second-step' services, such as: Commercial representation services, marketing and advertising support, assistance in certification of products, PR and HR management, as well as practical support in handling trade-relacted questions in Russian business environment. On the first stages of project development, we can recruit for you a dedicated Russian professional with necessary qualification - who will work on your behalf to promote your business projects and represent your interests in Russia. We can provide him necessary office space, information resources and means of communication to fulfill this task - and will act as an advisor helping both you and him to organize everything in most effective way.
    As well, we can assist in project management, organize public relations and media advertizing campaigns for particular business projects. If it is necessary, we can provide assistance in registration of a Russian company for you, recruiting local staff for your branch office, provide necessary background studies and marketing intelligence - along with assistance in customs clearing, transportation, warehousing - in sum comprising the whole range of trade facilitation services. So, if your projects are serious and you need comprehensive support on the Russian/CIS territories, please feel free to contact us and we will be able to discuss it all in detail.

  13. Worldwide business development
    We maintain a number of international projects which serve the needs of business companies, no matter where they are from - and what market they intend to access. We maintain links with thousands of organizations and business professionals worldwide and we have commercial representatives, agents, partners and affiliates in many countries. We are open for all kinds of joint business activities on any world market that can be interesting for all the parties involved. If you have a project targeted to worldwide markets, we can provide our expertise, formal and informal business contacts and information resources to support any concrete trade project that can be mutually interesting. If you have any ideas of this kind - please feel free to contact us and we will be able to discuss potential cooperation.

So, this is what we can do for you: we can help you to build succesful trade with Russia - and many other countries as well.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments and ideas.

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